Wonderful Country, The (1959)



    28" x 22" (71cm x 55.7cm)


    Style B Half-Sheet. Very Good to Fine. Original folds but poster has been carefully stored flat. No pinholes or tape. A couple of minor scuffs and stains in bottom white border.


    PARRISH, Robert


    "Sun-burned and gun-burned... Like the violent land he rode!"; "From Tom Lea's bold and powerful novel... A magnificent motion picture!"; "From Tom Lea's powerful best-selling novel... A magnificent motion picture!"; "Tom Lea's powerful best-selling novel is now on the screen!"; "Beneath the sun - a land like no other!"; "Beneath the sombrero - a man like no other!"; "They all came to this violent land on the edge of a continent!"; "the jangling spur ...the broad sombrero ...and the scarlet petticoat -They all came crossing paths and gunsights ...in the biggest of all frontiers ...this greatest of all adventures!"; "This pistolero... Who was as proud as the mighty black stallion he rode... This man who hungered for the softness of a woman and the clean skies of 'The Wonderful Country'!"; "Face of a pistolero..."; "Sun-burned and gun-burned - like the violent land he rode wild and raging - like the twisting Rio he crossed... proud and fiery - like the coal-black stallion he rode... filled with a mountain of hunger - for a woman, and the place they called The Wonderful Country". Colourful, underrated Western with Mitchum as the gringo pistolero who crosses the river South of the Border on a gun-running mission, and on a series of encounters discovers aspects of his past.