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Step 1

Clean the canvas frame.

Step 2

Cut linen to size to fit the frame.

Step 3

Stretch the linen to the frame using a staple gun. Make sure the linen fits tightly.

What is Poster Linen Backing?

linen backing is the process where a movie poster is mounted to linen or cotton. It helps to preserve the movie poster, making it more durable for handling and is used to repair damaged movie posters to their original condition.


Why Linen backing? It strengthens, preserves and enhances the look of your poster and is easier to frame. The optional slight white extra linen border also looks great when displayed. Of course, being able to roll the poster easily is also a bonus if you intend shipping it or storing it (if space is at a premium, storing the poster rolled is a good option.

Who needs linen backing? Consider it for your most valuable or treasured posters but carefully consider if it’s necessary for any poster that is already in really good condition. If your poster can easily be framed and look great anyway, you may feel linen backing isn’t required.

Is linen backing cost effective? It is if your poster is valuable and therefore worth preserving. An outlay of around £100 is a good investment if your poster looks fantastic and can be carefully stored and displayed.


Here is our step-by-step guide to linen backing:

Step 4

Clean and/or remove any marks from the poster.

Step 5

Cut PH neutral paper to the correct size. 

Step 6

Wet the paper- this helps to stretch the paper ready to adhere to the linen

Step 7

Spread the archival quality PVA glue on to the linen frame.

Step 8

Put the wet paper on to the linen.

Step 9

Remove the air and moisture out using a decorator’s brush and spatula-like device to smooth out the surface and ensure the paper sticks well on to the linen. Leave to dry in the frame for at least 24 hours.

Step 10

Remove any bumps from the paper backed frame.

Wet and clean the poster with water.

Step 11

Spread the archival PVA glue on to the paper-backed frame.

Step 12

Put the poster on to the glued paper.  Remove any air or bumps.

Step 13

Clean / wash out any glue with a wet sponge

Leave to dry again for at least 24 hours..

Step 14

When it is all dried using specialist paint carefully restore and touch-up foldlines as necessary.

Step 15

Finally, carefully cut the poster from out of the frame

The poster is now ready to frame!!

Linen Backing Specialists

Friday the 13th_UKQ_LB_FINAL2.jpg

We can repair, restore and linen back your treasured posters!

Before and after examples of some of our recent client work demonstrates the range of work we can do, from movie posters to travel, sports or music posters.
Please get in touch if you have any questions, we would love to hear from you!

Return of the Jedi-condition on receipt.
Star Wars Return of the Jedi UK quad poster linen backed
Apocalypse Now 1979 movie poster linen backed
The Godfather 1972 Australian Daybill movie poster
1972 Godfather linen backed Australian Daybill movie poster
Grand Prix_LB_Final.jpg
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