We want you to be completely satisfied with your choice of film poster. Please take the time to carefully read the information about the poster you are interested in, paying particular attention to the condition and overall grading. Details of how we grade our posters can be found here. Although you will get a good idea from the supersized image, our description gives more detail. If you have any questions or require further information, please contact us by e-mail.

 our commitment to movie poster collectors

We don’t sell reproductions or reprints - so if you see something similar elsewhere, but much cheaper, check it out carefully. Often you’ll find that it’s not the original movie poster, but a reproduction, and that’s fine as long as it’s made clear. You can trust us to offer nothing but the genuine movie poster itself.

Some of the posters we offer for sale have already been professionally linen backed. Others have been restored, ready to frame and display. We’re clear about that too. Because we are film poster collectors ourselves, we recognise that seeking out an iconic original, vintage movie poster can become something of a quest. We also know that it’s a terrible disappointment to receive a long-sought film poster online purchase and discover the quality and condition are not as advertised. That’s why you can trust us to be scrupulously honest about the real condition of the posters for sale from us.

Why film noir or cult classic movie posters?

Whilst for some it’s the film’s star that causes a poster to be memorable, for others it’s loyalty to a franchise (such as Planet of the Apes) or a director (David Lynch, for example) and for many it’s the quality of the design itself and many film poster enthusiasts specialise in the work of Saul Bass, Bob Peak or Richard Amsel to name but a few. For those who have a real love for the graphic design of film posters, any and all of these preferences may shape their interest in original poster art.

We totally understand why people buy film posters - they evoke a memory or inspiration that we want to hold on to. But these iconic works of art are also investments because they are sought after which makes them valuable. Broadly speaking, the older the film and the more original and distinctive the artwork, the more likely the poster is to have investment value. This means that you just have to expect to spend a bit more to get something that’s difficult to obtain but of course, then you’ll have an investment that is also wonderful wall art, and which will only appreciate in value.

Designers, artists and movie art

Movie posters as investments

Looking for something in particular?

For a small fee we can search for any film poster you’ve been looking for!

Linen Backing Specialists

We restore and linen back film posters.

We can linen back any posters you see on our website you like or your own movie poster.

A vast majority of pre-1980's movie posters were issued folded by the studios. Linen-backing achieves the effect of flattening the folds as well as making the poster more visually alluring, whilst conserving and preserving the piece.

By linen backing these posters, the folds and minor defects become virtually undetectable at normal viewing distance.


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