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Two-Lane Blacktop (1971)


    One sheet

    27" x 41" [69 x 104 cm]


    Very Good, linen backed by Flicks Film Posters. Prior to linen backing and minor restoration to the fold lines the poster was in very good condition with only the original folds (although it had been carefully stored flat for a number of years) and no pinholes or tape. The poster responded really well to linen backing and now displays superbly!


    HELLMAN, Monte


    "James Taylor is the driver. Warren Oates is GTO. Laurie Bird is the girl. Dennis Wilson is the mechanic. Two-Lane Blacktop is the picture." Monte Hellman's road movie counter-culture classic has only improved with age, the widescreen colour images of America and the tone of fatalistic existentialism ripe for the time and still relevant to ours. The great Warren Oates gives one of his very best performances as the enigmatic GTO, in a race across America with two young guys in a grey 55 Chevy (The Beach Boys' Dennis Wilson and folk-rock singer James Taylor) . The roadside diners, bars and street races they encounter are shot in a coolly detached, mesmerising style. 

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