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Narrow Margin, The (1952)



    22.5" x 18.5" ( 57.1 cm x 47.2 cm)


    Very Good, linen backed. The poster originally had a blank top that was neatly trimmed off (this is commonly done with Belgian posters, similar to how the blank top is trimmed off U.S window cards) The poster also had paper loss in the top right corner, slightly entering the background area, with minor wear on the fold and tiny tears around edges.


    FLEISCHER, Richard


    "A fortune if they seal her lips!... A bullet if they fail!"; "Death Rides The Night As Killers Stalk Mystery Girl!"; "Grim 'case history' reality in suspense-packed drama aboard the Golden State Limited- turned into a train of terror by the Syndicate's avenging gunmen!"; "Her evidence can rock gangland... And they know it!"; "Her secret can rock gangland IF she lives to tell it!"; One of the best low-budget film noirs ever made!; about a policeman escorting an important female witness on a train so she can testify against mobsters, who are also on the train, trying to kill her. The vibrant, busy art on this scarce and superbly rendered Belgian poster is perhaps the best available on this title, with the whoosh of the train,  the great Marie Windsor in slinky femme fatale mode and Charles MacGraw all beautifully arranged.

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