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Kiss Before Dying, A (1956)



    27" x 41" [69 x 104 cm]


    Good to Very Good, linen backed. Before linen backing, there were border tears, minor paper loss and scuffs and stains. There was paper loss on the man's right hand and a tiny paper loss in his eye at the cross-fold. A tear at top left from the white border just above the word 'girl' and from the top central fold and far right border tear was also repaired. Also paper loss at the bottom right corner. Restoration was carried to correct these defects and to the fold-lines. The poster was well backed and now displays well but you can still see signs of the original defects.


    OSWALD, Gerd


    "It was so easy to kiss him... So easy to love him... So hard to stop!"; "Girl by girl... Caress by caress... He fell deeper in love - deeper in trouble - until he found this terrifying way out..."; "So much in love... So deep in terror."; "It happened with every girl he met! It was so easy for him to fall in love... So easy to go one kiss too far... So easy to find a way out - MURDER!"; "Some secrets can't be kept... they have to be buried!"; "From the novel by Ira Levin". A ruthless college student played by handsome Robert Wagner resorts to murder in a futile attempt to marry an heiress. Remade in 1991 with Matt Dillon and Sean Young, Gerd Oswald's sleazy 1956 version is far superior.

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