I Want To Live! (1958)



    27" x 41" [69 x 104 cm]


    Very Good, linen backed. Prior to restoration there were brown stains x6 in the white area, minor border wear and a small tear in the bottom red credits area left of NSS no, plus top right border paper loss. The poster was well backed and now displays nicely!


    WISE, Robert


    "The TRUE story of Barbara Graham - whose murder trial shocked the world! ... It bares the woman's heart behind the woman's sin!"; "Told torrid and true! The story of Barbara Graham - The lost but never lonely sinner who got the roughest deal life ever dealt!"; "The murder trial that shocked the world...! Pulitzer Prize-Winning Reporter Talks: 'This was the most baffling case I ever covered. At first, I felt convinced that Barbara Graham was guilty of murder... but now, new facts and evidence have created in my mind a reasonable doubt!' - Ed Montgomery San Francisco Examiner"; "'I want to live!' Barbara Graham's last scream from gas chamber"; "The fevered life and tormented times of Barbara Graham... and every hunger, shame, word... is TRUE!"; "Just Before Death. Exclusive photo shows convicted murderess Barbara Graham just before gas pellets exploded in chamber."; "The Parties- fun, fun fun! The switches, the fixes, the gin and the guns!"; "The Men- she couldn't remember if he was number 3, 4 or 50!"; "The 'Confession'- the 'hot seat that could make any girl yield!"; "The Alibi- 'You got to swear you took me to a motel that night!"; "Feel that music daddy... Oh, papa, play that jazz!"; "The fevered life and tormented times of Barbara Graham... and every hunger, shame, word... is true!";A prostitute, sentenced to death for murder, pleads her innocence.


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