Conversation, The (1974)


    One Sheet

    27" x 41" [69 x 104 cm]


    Prior to linen backing and restoration the poster was in Good to Very Good condition with original fold lines only and no pinholes or tape. One stained area bottom right of white area adjacent to the Paramount logo. The poster had been carefully stored flat for many years. It was linen backed and restored by Flicks Film Posters in June 2021 with minimal additional restoration to the fold lines. The stained area was cleaned but you can still still faint signs in that area, although this is not very noticeable and the poster displays really well.


    COPPOLA, Francis Ford


    Poster Artist: Bernard D'Andrea. "Harry Caul is an invader of privacy. The best in the business. He can record any conversation between two people anywhere. So far, three people are dead because of him." A paranoid, secretive surveillance expert has a crisis of conscience when he suspects that a couple he is spying on will be murdered. Coppola's masterpiece is often overlooked, coming between the twin juggernauts of the Godfather films, but Hackman's brilliant performance as the tortured, obsessive Harry Caul, and a fine supporting cast (including the great John Cazale and an early, shifty turn from a young Harrison Ford) make this fine 70s thriller one of the director's best films.