Cloak and Dagger (1946)



    28" x 22" (71cm x 55.7cm)


    Very Good, linen backed. Important Added Info: Note that this is an extremely rare poster and very rarely comes up for auction or sale. Also, note that this poster was never machine folded! Many pre-1970 half sheets were machine folded twice horizontally at the poster exchange, so it is much harder to find an unfolded half sheet poster from before 1970. The overall condition prior to linen-backing and restoration: Good. The poster had discolouration around the edges due to exposure to moisture and some scuff marks in the image area. There was a tear at the lower centre that has been repaired with tape from the back. After proper restoration and linen-backing, this ultra-rare poster now looks fantastic.



    LANG, Fritz


    Fritz Lang's underrated, romantic WWII spy espionage noir crime thriller - original story by Boris Ingster (who directed the early film noir classic Stranger on the Third Floor) and John Larkin, screenplay by Albert Maltz and Ring Lardner Jr.

    In the most striking sequence aboard a train, a scene where Gary Cooper's spy hero has to kill an enemy rival to avoid detection is prolonged and brilliantly filmed by Lang. It seems to have influenced a famous similar scene in Alfred Hitchcock's Torn Curtain (1966), where Paul Newman and his female contact find it agonisingly difficult to kill an East German spy in a remote farmhouse.