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Clash By Night (1952)



    27" x 41" [69 x 104 cm]


    Good, linen backed. Prior to restoration and Japanese paper-backing there was much separation along the foldlines (upper left corner was completely separated); two holes in the woman's chest in the inset image at lower left and a 3" "u" shaped tear in Stanwyck's chest at upper right as well as some smaller tears and tack holes throughout the poster; small areas of paper loss around the edges as well as there was some separation along the foldlines; creases, scuffs, and smudges throughout the poster (more so around the edges); there was a small piece out at top and bottom white border, a few scuffs and stains and minor touch up work to black areas and foldlines. This poster was in fair to good condition prior to backing and now displays very well.


    LANG, Fritz


    "Livin' in my house! Lovin' another man! IS that what you call bein' honest? That's just givin' it a nice name!" Lang's superb, brooding noir drama stars Stanwyck as a world-weary woman who tries to settle in a New England fishing village but gets caught between two contrasting men. Features an early role for a young Marilyn Monroe, featured on the poster.

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