Blade Runner (1982)



    27" x 40" (69 x 102 cm)


    Very Good to Fine, linen backed. Prior to linen backing, the poster was unfolded. This is the studio issue one sheet. This is the very first of the first printings of this poster, printed before the National Screen Service printed theirs, and therefore much rarer. We acquired this poster in 2005 from Todd Feiertag, a well known US dealer and collector. There are many known reproductions of this poster but we can guaranee that this copy is the real thing and it had been carefully stored flat since 2005 until we decided only recently to linen back it to protect it.


    SCOTT, Ridley


    Poster Artist: John Alvin. "Man Has Made His Match... Now It's His Problem." Ridley Scott's sci-fi masterpiece continues to grow in reputation and influence, it's various versions and tweaks (by Scott himself) subtly shifting meaning and interpretation (the studio imposed noirish voiceover narration now removed), with small scenes re-instated fuelling an army of fans' analysis for deeper meanings. In essence, though, it's just a brilliantly designed, scored (by Vangelis) and written film, blending the tropes of film noir with science fiction; the stunning futuristic production design and SFX still look great. John Alvin's stunning poster art make this one sheet one of the most desirable film posters of the 1980s. 


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By linen backing these posters, the folds and minor defects become virtually undetectable at normal viewing distance.


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