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American Graffiti (1973)



    27" x 41" [69 x 104 cm]


    Very Good, linen backed. Prior to linen backing and restoration by Flicks Film Posters the poster was in Good condition. The poster had been folded somewhat oddly, resulting in fold and edge damage and there were a few other minor defects. After linen backing and restoration to correct these flaws the poster now looks terrific. Although you can still see some signs of the restoration, it's pretty much hidden and the poster displays really well.




    LUCAS, George


    Poster Artist: Mort Drucker. "Where were you in 62?' George Lucas's second feature (after the underrated scifi THX 1138) is still for many (including us!) his finest film. The template for all nostalgic 'group of young guys and girls enjoy a last spree of mostly innocent adventures before real-life kicks in' teen classics to follow, this is still the best. The fantastic soundtrack, sharp, funny and poignant performances from the excellent young cast (including Candy Clark, Ron Howard, Paul Le Mat and Harrison Ford amongst others) set a benchmark rarely equalled by the host of subsequent imitators. Yes, Lucas's later Star Wars was to follow in 1977, which changed cinema forever, but American Graffiti holds up as one of the best films of the 1970s, as fresh and funny as the day it was released. Mort Drucker's wonderful poster art only make this classic one sheet more collectible.

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