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Accused, The (1949)



    27" x 41" [69 x 104 cm]


    Very Good, linen backed. Prior to linen backing and restoration by Flicks Film Posters, the poster was in Good to Very Good condition. It had light rippling throughout from exposure to moisture. There was some paper loss at the cross folds and tiny creases and bits of paper loss in the vertical fold line. All these defects were corrected, the poster was expertly linen backed and restored, and it now looks fantastic!



    DIETERLE, William


    1949 William Dieterle crime film noir ("Everywhere you go everyone is saying Everything points to... The Accused"; "Everything points to The Accused As the Melodramatic Masterpiece of the Year!"; "Soul-Stirring Drama! Stark, Startling Suspense! Superb, Flawless Acting! Everything points to... 'The Accused' As the Standout Screen Triumph of the Year!"; "Everything points to The Accused as the first screen sensation of 1949"); based on the novel 'Be Still, My Love' by June Truesdell; about a female college professor who kills a student when he tries to rape her, but she fears that she won't be believed, so she covers up the crime, and almost gets away with it; similar to "Crime and Punishment", but with a female in the lead role (Loretta Young).

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