Roadblock (1951)



    27" x 41" [69 x 104 cm]


    Very Good, linen backed. Prior to linen backing and restoration by Flicks Film Posters the poster was in Good condition. The poster had slight discolouration scattered in some areas from exposure to moisture (although it was more prevalent near the edges.) It had pinholes around the edges and some separation in portions of the crossfolds and some of those defects had been repaired with tape from the back. The art though was 'all there' and this is the kind of poster that responds really well to the restoration that Flicks Film Posters specialises in. The stains were carefully removed chemically, and after proper restoration the poster now displays really well.


    DANIELS, Harold


    A classic example of the superior RKO poster art that works so well on film noir one sheets! "Hot lead and cold cash outside the law!"; "Sudden death rides with stolen million!"; "Big Money - and sudden death, when a too-smart insurance sleuth decides to go crooked for the one 'perfect job' that will put him on Easy Street! ...Sizzling melodramatic action and an auto chase that will leave you breathless!"; "Sizzling melodrama in a maelstrom of action, as insurance sleuth pulls big job for a dame in mink - and The Law cracks down with bullets!"; "High-key action and excitement as blazing police guns lash out against insurance sleuth who stepped way outside the law for a smiling dame in mink!"; "Big crime deal nets cold cash"; "Big crime deal nets cold cash... And Hot Lead!"