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Planet of the Apes (1968)


    Belgian poster

    14.25" x 18.75" (36 x 48 cm)


    Very Good to Fine, unfolded.


    SCHAFFNER, Franklin J.


    Poster Artist: Raymond 'Ray' Elseviers. 1968 Franklin J. Schaffner futuristic science fiction (sci-fi) primate ape-domination thriller ("Somewhere in the universe there must be something better than man. In a matter of time, an astronaut will wing through the centuries and find the answer. He may find the most terrifying one of all on the planet where apes are the rulers and man the beast."; "An unusual and important motion picture from the pen of Pierre Boulle, author of 'Bridge on the River Kwai'!"; "Man... Hunted... Caged... Forced to mate by civilized apes!"; "This is Commander Taylor. Astronaut. He landed in a world where apes are the civilized rulers and man the beast."; "This is Marcus. Head of Security Police. His specialties: violence and torture. His mission: to keep man a caged beast on the Planet of the Apes"; "This is Nova. The wild human animal captured and selected for special breeding purposes."; "This is Dr. Zaius. Brilliant Scientist. Only he has the power to save and destroy the animal called man."; "A world gone mad!"; "This is commander Taylor. Astronaut. He's landed in a world where apes are the rulers and man the beast. Now he is caged. Tortured. Risks mutilation. because no human can remain human on the planet of the apes"; "This is Dr. Zira. Leading psychologist. Seeker of truth. Her experiments on men have led her to a secret about the human animal. If she reveals it, she will be tortured. For it will endanger civilization on the Planet of the Apes."

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