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Flicks Top 10 Films of 2019

Joanna Hogg’s 4th and finest feature to date is also her most autobiographical work. Set in a beautifully realised 1980s London that seems like another time and place now, it tells the story of a young film student played by Honor Swindon Byrne, and her doomed affair with a mysterious older man played brilliantly by the always excellent Tom Burke. Romantic, unsettling and true in the sense that we absolutely believe in these characters, the film benefits immeasurably from subtle, superbly conceived production design and a great soundtrack of 1980s music that anyone around at the time will instantly recognise as appropriate to the milieu and London scene. The first part of a longer story, we can’t wait for the second film to be released hopefully during 2020! Voted Sight & Sound’s no.1 film of 2019 by worldwide film critics.

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